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Road trip New Zealand

Kiwi Attractions

Further down than Down Under lies a country that has been nick-named Middle-earth. New Zealand has earned this moniker after the huge success of the film trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. This Tolkien fantasy image, perhaps, is the most common…

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Setubal City, Portugal

A Hidden Gem: Setubal, Portugal

Algarve, Lisbon and Porto are what normally springs to mind when planning to visit Portugal. It’s true to say that these locations have much to offer, from good weather and beaches to history and culture, but very few travelers fail…

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Inspiration Australia

Australia, the land down under and the land of wonder, is fantastic landscapes, astonishing sea life, and thrilling beauty. With an abundance of natural resources, Australia is a thriving continent, and this is reflected not only in the high quality…

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Top Winter Destinations

Beating the winter blues has never been easier than with Auto Europe’s guide for UK travellers’ top winter destinations! Escape the cold climate and grey skies for a weekend or longer. Bask in the Mediterranean winter sun or stay close…

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Winter Solstice – An Ancient Tradition

With Christmas and the year’s end fast approaching, another lesser known event, is also on its way. The Winter Solstice, or Midwinter as some may know it, is an astronomical event that many cultures throughout history have celebrated in some…

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