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A Scenic Drive in Ireland

Drive near Dublin with a car hire from Auto Europe

Ever wondered about taking a trip around the beautiful Emerald Isle? Well, wonder no more! Here at Auto Europe, we have set up an itinerary for you to enjoy on your next holiday, with the less hassle possible and all the comfort a self-driven holiday has to offer you!

After collecting your car hire in Dublin airport and get everyone settled (down) – oh yes, you can’t go on this kind of endeavour without the right company! -, head to the town of Howth, not only it is a charming fishing village but it also boasts rural surroundings which make for an incredible scenic route, right along the coast.

Discover Belfast with a car hire from Auto Europe

Venture further north, following the coastline, until you reach the capital city of Northern Ireland. Having a car hire in Belfast as your transport solution will allow you the freedom to admire the unique diversity of its architectural buildings, rest at one of its many parks and gardens and find a number of other attractions to enjoy.

Considered as one of the most impressive scenic routes of the British Isles, the Antrim Coast Road, passes by Lough Neagh and is a must on this itinerary of yours.

Travel in Ireland with a car hire from Auto Europe

This country is anything but short on beautiful landscapes and roads which will take you through picturesque old villages, lush green glens and the occasional field covered in daffodils! As Irish-born The Cranberries used to sing, the daffodils look lovely today, which of course means they always do.

We don’t want to give every good tip away, so have a go, book a car hire in Ireland online now for your next big adventure on the road and after you do, come back here and tell us everything!

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