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St George's Day

Happy St George’s Day!

St George slew a dragon, Or at least so they say, And so we celebrate Brave St George to this day. Other countries have patrons, But none quite so cool, ‘Cause it’s hard to top a dragon, It takes more…

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Technology and Travel

Technology and Travel 2

Nowadays, it sometimes feels as though technology is running our lives. This may not be very far from the truth, but until such time as Skynet takes over, we can all enjoy the perks of living in the future. Here are a few ways technology can help you during your travels.

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New Fuel Policy Feature

At Auto Europe, we continuously strive to improve the quality of our services, as well as the transparency of the information we provide. Our client’s feedback is important to us and, based on that feedback, we have just implemented a new feature on our booking engine meant to improve the visibility of the fuel policy information.

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Lisbon Car Hire

City Breaks: Tips for Visiting Lisbon

Early spring is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best time of year to visit Lisbon. Why, you may ask? It is certainly too early for a trip to the beach – unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous or momentarily forget Portugal is bathed by the North Atlantic (operative word here being “north”). All the same, March in Portugal already means copious amounts of sun and temperatures that sun-deprived Brits can easily describe as “balmy”.

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Geneva Airport - French and Swiss side

Geneva Airport – Renting in France or Switzerland

Some of you may have noticed that Auto Europe’s booking engine lists Geneva both under Switzerland and under France. This happens because, as I’m sure you are aware, Geneva Airport, which is right on the French-Swiss border, actually has a French and a Swiss section and you can choose to pick up your car hire on either side. The right side for you will depend on many factors and there are advantages to picking up a vehicle in either section. Here are some things you might want to consider.

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