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Road trip New Zealand

Kiwi Attractions

Further down than Down Under lies a country that has been nick-named Middle-earth. New Zealand has earned this moniker after the huge success of the film trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. This Tolkien fantasy image, perhaps, is the most common…

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Winter motorhome travels

Winter motorhome travels

Yes, it is possible to drive a motorhome during winter. And yes, it’s possible to sleep comfortably in it when the temperature drops below zero. Our blog will show you that driving a campervan in winter can not only be…

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Car hire coverage in the USA explained

Car hire in USA is made easy with Auto Europe. You book, fly, pick up a car and drive. There’s no need to worry about insurance, as Auto Europe car hire offers include all insurance that is necessary in the USA. You may focus on your trip plan, the rest is included in your car hire rate.

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Understanding car hire coverage

How often do you think of insurance when you plan your holiday or car hire? It is worth spending some time to read and understand the conditions of insurance policy in order to save you some unnecessary and stressful experience.

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This is what you need to drive a car hire during winter

It is time for winter holidays! All winter sports fans, prepare yourselves! To make your holidays both fun and safe, it is best to be prepared for winter conditions on the roads. There are different traffic regulations in various countries as well as different equipment available. To guide you through the puzzle, we have prepared some basic tips for your winter car hire.

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