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Portugal all around the year

Portugal all year round (part one)

Besides being one of the most popular tourism destinations for British citizens, Portugal also offers bargain holidays. Here you can also find some of the lowest car hire rates. But let us not forget about essentials. In addition to affordable prices, there is much more that lures people to this country. Everyone can find something for themselves: a leisure holiday at the beach, visiting historical sites, or learning the culture and trying the local food. All year round there are interesting cultural, music or sport events in which to take part. Have a look at the list below, which includes various events taking place in Portugal this year.

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Car hire in Rio de Janeiro

The best places to visit in 2013

If you plan your holidays for 2013, perhaps the below list will be inspirational. The New York Times has recently published the list of 46 places worth visiting this year. The rank opens Rio de Janeiro, where the Summer Olympics Games will take place in 2014. Second comes Marseille as European Capital of Culture of 2013. The third, and our favourite, is Nicaragua listed for eco lodgins and cuisine.

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It’s snowy weather…

…and we drive. If you’re taking your family on a ski holiday, prepare yourself for difficult driving conditions. If you are going abroad and hiring a car in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you simply will have to drive through the snow.

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Northern Lights chase

The sky above our heads treats us to splendid natural phenomena. If we care to look up, we may witness stunning meteor showers, asteroids, comets or Northern Lights that will take your breath away. While Scandinavia is the best place to observe the aurora borealis, it can also be spotted in the UK!

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Wake up to reality after holidays!

It’s over, the Christmas and New Year holidays are gone 🙁 We wake up and realise we won’t be able to have that delicious food, sleep long, or just be lazy… A new year – new resolutions or hard time getting back on track? Here we have some tips to overcome the holiday end crisis:

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