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November holidays

Before the Christmas markets’ lights illuminate cities’ streets and squares, November is time for shorter and darker days, an autumn time reach in cultural and historical holidays around the world. In Britain we have Bonfire Night, but what happens in other countries in November?

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Halloween travel idea

People have been celebrating various holidays throughout the ages. There were Celts celebrating season changes that were taken over by religious holidays with matching dates. Nowadays, Halloween is a holiday celebrated mostly by children. The basic idea of the dead visiting the mortal world at the end of autumn has remained; the spooky costumes or scary pumpkin faces.

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Your car hire insurance in the USA

Car hire in USA is made easy with Auto Europe. You book, fly, pick up a car and drive. There’s no need to worry about insurance, as Auto Europe car hire offers include all insurance that is necessary in the USA. You may focus on your trip plan, the rest is included in your car hire rate.

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Car hire insurance

How often do you think of insurance when you plan your holiday or car hire? It is worth spending some time to read and understand the conditions of insurance policy in order to save you some unnecessary and stressful experience.

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Fuel policy, how to make good use of T&C

Car hire can be a great way to spend your holiday. It gives you freedom to travel whenever and wherever you feel like. How to make a cheap car hire and not spoil it by missing important conditions like fuel policy?

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