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Infographic Cost of Motoring

Did you know that an average British motorist spends the exorbitant sum of £168,880 during their driving lifetime? It’s pretty hard to imagine such a staggering amount of money being spent on motoring alone. And yet, the facts are there!…

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Easter Travels with Children

The holiest Christian holiday is a great opportunity for the family to get together and take a breather from the sometimes stressful everyday life. As most schools close during Easter, this is one of the most popular times of the…

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Cars throughout life

Some of us have a special bond with our cars. Remember the first time you drove a car? Remember passing the driving exam and sitting for the first time on your own behind the steering wheel? The excitement, the thrill…

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Stay Alert Without Coffee

Driving requires a good and steady energy level at all times as well as increased alertness usually boosted by unhealthy choices such as lots of caffeine and sugary drinks. The latest research commissioned by Auto Europe, the world’s leading car…

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10 tasty sandwich fillings to eat on a car journey

Did you know that drivers eat 4,053 sandwiches in the car on average during their lifetimes? The latest poll sponsored by Auto Europe shows this fact and it makes us wonder what kind of impact this has on our wallet…

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