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Urban Explorer

Just because some places grow on you and after a while it just feels comfortable, you don’t have to give in to the routine of everyday life. When you start feeling your life is on auto-pilot and everything you do…

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Beautiful Brac

The beautiful island of Brač has that most sought-after holiday quality which makes one completely forget about any daily routine. A visit to Brač will instantly bring the holiday mood on, lazy and indulgent, just as your time off should…

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Munich’s Myths and Legends

Unveil some of the best kept secrets of Munich Old Town with our inside information… H o f b r ä u h a u s A beer hall or, rather, beer hell? Formerly a brewery, Munich’s oldest beer hall has a sticky history. A bit gross, too. Originally designed without a toilet as…

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A-Z Destinations with Auto Europe

With the summer in full swing, it’s hard not to think about a well-deserved holiday. Presumably, your holidays have been booked in advance and all arrangements have been made. But if you’re feeling a tad spontaneous as we are, you’re…

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Funny Blend Words

With the mix of business and leisure travel taking off as a trend, 33% of surveyed of millennials are taking advantage of bleisure trips. Here at Auto Europe we’ve rounded up some of our favourite portmanteaus, or blends/mashups. Glamping When…

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