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Bigger On The Inside

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Packing always was, and shall forever remain, the one big inconvenience about travelling, even with a handy car hire in Nice Airport to carry your luggage. There you are, ready to take on the world, and you still can’t make that extra pair of jeans fit in your back pack (“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! Itti-bitty living space!” Aladdin joke?… anyone?…) Fiction, as always, provides the answer. Here is a list of top 5 Magical Bags we all wish we could take on our trips.

1. Mary Poppin’s magical handbag. She was the ultimate British nanny. She could sing, she knew all about how a spoon full of sugar made the medicine go down, and her proffered method of travel was the umbrella – she was an eccentric. But best of all, her bag was bottomless and she could store all she chose in it (and take anything she needed out of it).

2. Hermione Granger’s beaded handbag. Sure, Mary Poppin’s bag was alright, but it looks old-fashioned, and it’s still rather big. Hermione’s handbag, on the other hand, is small, cute, and purple. What else could anyone wish for? If you feel inspired by J. K. Rowling’s clever little witch, you might even take half of your library with you on holidays in this magical bag. Or, you know, buy a kindle and do the same in a regular bag…

3. Doraemon’s magical pocket. Who needs a bag when they can have a pocket? Far more practical and way more discrete, Doraemon’s is a bag of tricks like no other. From it, Doraemon can reach into the future and take all sorts of handy gadgets (even if it takes him a bit to find the right one – it’s a really big pocket!) Forget packing, just buy all new – in the future!

4. Merlin’s Bag in The Sword in the Stone. Why pack when a simple flick of the wrist could place ALL the contents of your house in a bag? Just envision it! No more worries about the safety of your home while you were away; no more the nagging feeling that you surely must have forgotten something while packing, or left something on – maybe the toaster, it’s usually a toaster.

5. Ramona’s handbag. More than a simple repository for all sorts of crazy weapons (one can never have too many titanium baseball bats or sledgehammers…), Ramona’s handbag is also a great place to store all sorts of things of all sorts of sizes. Also, it has life support, as evidenced by the fact Scott Pilgrim himself hid in it.

Booking a car hire in Bordeaux (booking a car hire in Zambia is just as easy – seriously, we have pick up locations all over the place), it’s packing that’s usually the tricky part. What other great bags of holding do you wish were real?

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One Response to Bigger On The Inside

  1. Emma says:

    What a great, imaginative article! Really interesting…think I’d go for Hermione’s beaded bag. I’m awful, when I go away for even just a few days I pretty much pack for every possible eventuality and take way more than I ever need- a good old magical beaded bag could come in handy!

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