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 Three luxury hotels you wish you could stay in when on a business trip

Business and pleasure don’t go well together, do they? Well, false, according to the rise in the number of travellers who are mixing it and are quite happy doing so! The deep-seated division between holidays and business trips is slowly vanishing and there are more and more business people who’ll grab the opportunity and chuck a few holiday days into their company sponsored trip .

It’s quite easy to forget about being economical if someone else is paying for the expenses. Auto Europe’s recent poll proves this and shows that 23% of bleisure travellers will choose a more expensive hotel at the expense of the company. If you are one of the lucky ones and get to choose your hotel during your next business trip, take a look at our suggestions and get ready to splurge with someone else’s money!

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

dubai burj al arabThe very mention of Dubai conjures the image of sandy beaches, a lavish lifestyle and daring architectural ventures. One of such distinctive Dubai symbols is the modern sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab, the ultra-luxurious place to stay during your bleisure trip.

If you are lucky enough to stay in this stunning seven-star hotel for free, you are in for some eye-candy such as gold-plated and fine mahogany furniture, glittering fountains shooting high up in the air and golden cakes. Yes, you’ve got it right. Edible golden leaves are used to decorate random goodies offered as part of room service. Who could resist the shine and glamour of Burj Al Arab?

Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey

luxury hotel room

The charm of the Orient reflected in the finest choice of design details is blended with famous Turkish hospitality and sunny Mediterranean climate at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya. Said to be the most expensive luxury resort in Europe, the hotel is an ode to indulgence while its lavishness is a true comeback to the glitz of Dubai. Its founder, an Azerbaijani billionaire, is said to have missed the beach in Istanbul so he decided to build a hotel on the coast with the replicas of his favourite monuments from the capital or, in other words, to move Istanbul to Antalya.

The opulent hotel leaves nothing to be desired. Its underwater fish and seafood restaurant is surrounded by aquariums inspired by different oceans, its dishes and cutlery in the fine dining restaurants cost over £20 million and its state-of-art spa is the largest in Europe. The private beach near the hotel is made of the finest white sand imported and renewed every single season. In addition to a zoo, the hotel boasts a golf pitch and a marina with luxurious yachts. In Mardan Palace Hotel the staff will know your name and you will taste the life of celebrities, at least for a day.

champagne hotel luxury
The Westin Excelsior in Rome 

Our next high-end destination for your bleisure trip to Italy is The Westin Excelsior in Rome, a traditional magnificent palace in the Italian capital quite close to the legendary Spanish Steps and Via Veneto.

The Westin Excelsior is a true world class lodging with Renaissance-style painted suites overlooking Rome’s symbolic monuments where you can expect to pay up to ten thousand pound a night or the finest suite. Back in the ‘60s, this famous hotel used to be a favourite gathering place for celebrities, politicians and artists. A little bit dated, the rooms have recently been renovated and the hotel has regained its proverbial elegance and grandiose charm. There’s no better place to experience Rome and learn what dolce vita really is!

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