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Bleisure Trips for Two or More

Work travel represents a fantastic opportunity to add a little more to our work and life balance, and is beneficial to work efficiency. A growing number of employees worldwide are more and more eager to turn dry and often tiresome business trips into a pleasant stay at new places and this is how business travel is being redefined and enriched with a whole new level of experience – travelling for pleasure.

If you could afford a good recovery from the whole stress of flying, jet lag and long hours at business meetings abroad partially at the expense of the company, would you really say “no” and why? Long-haul destinations, not really a frequent holiday pick or the first choice for a city break, are a prime example of a a perfect setting for mixing business with pleasure. As a bleisure traveller you can have your very own city break in Tokyo, NYC or Johannesburg, depending on the business you’re in.


couple river sunset friends

A new dimension has been added to bleisure travel mostly by young and middle-aged employees who are ditching the usual way of flying solo and swapping it for a bleisure trip for two or for the whole family. There’s no better way of unwinding after a busy day at a conference or a meeting than exploring the city with your best friend or having a spa treatment with your significant other! Some places are also fun for travelling with kids such as beach towns or amusement parks. Forget the stressful meetings and join your partner and kids for a roller-coaster ride or a swim in the sea in the end of the day to get your sparkle back!

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The newest survey sponsored by Auto Europe has shown that 22% would ask a friend to accompany them on their trip. Sometimes a bleisure trip with your bestie is exactly what you need to get the much needed break from the routine, work and day-to-day life. Breathe new life into your friendship and create long-lasting memories as nothing works wonders like shared adventures on a trip to a new place. Get absorbed in the new culture, culinary experiences and unknown places with your best friend. Share some secrets or, who knows, create some new ones and bond again on a short break from daily life far away from the familiar surroundings.

friends explore travel mapWherever you go, Auto Europe can help you have some freedom on the road. Let us take care of the car hire on your next bleisure trip and do let us know how much fun you’ve had. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it to the max!

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