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Cars throughout life

Some of us have a special bond with our cars. Remember the first time you drove a car? Remember passing the driving exam and sitting for the first time on your own behind the steering wheel? The excitement, the thrill of being able to go wherever you want? If you think of it, cars play a large role in our lives. According to a poll by Auto Europe, people drive for 64.5 years of their lives. This is a big number; vehicles are with us often during life’s most important events.

Teenage years
With many people driving from as early as 17, the years spent behind the steering wheel amount to the majority of our lives. With this life span, there are many special moments, first-times we do something in a car. The first thing that comes to our minds is driving with friends outside town on the weekends; first drives and exploring your home town region by car with best friends by your side. Do you remember the car you were driving in these priceless moments? This is probably when you had your first car accident. Do you remember how afraid you were to tell your parents?


Cars throughout life

Cars took some of us to university. Going to classes by car gave the feeling of adulthood and driving to work after school made us spent so much time in the car. It almost became our second home. With moving from one place to another, changing student flats, it could surely feel that the car was one of the most permanent things then. And then came holidays and first road trips and adventures. Sleeping in a car, sitting on a bonnet and star gazing at night.

Family life
After college, when a new part of our life begins, vehicles are again right there. They take us to our new homes, they help move our friends. This is when family life begins and you drive your first-born child home from hospital. The kids grow up and the school runs begin. Cars help in a family life every day and make great holidays. The time comes when you teach your kids how to drive and the circle closes and the new one begins right through to teaching your grandchildren how to drive…

What are your memories, what was your first car? Do you still have it? Please share with us!


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