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The Dangers of Aquaplaning

What is aquaplaning? Aquaplaning, or hydroplaning, is a physical phenomena which appears when a layer of water builds up between the vehicle’s tyres and the surface of the road. It appears at a high speed when tyres do not manage…

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Urban Explorer

Just because some places grow on you and after a while it just feels comfortable, you don’t have to give in to the routine of everyday life. When you start feeling your life is on auto-pilot and everything you do…

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My First Car Hire | Young Drivers Rent Cars

With all the stress of the theory and driving test finally behind you, you’re now a happy holder of a driving licence and just can’t wait to use it for a getaway with friends. As a young driver with a…

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Beautiful Brac

The beautiful island of Brač has that most sought-after holiday quality which makes one completely forget about any daily routine. A visit to Brač will instantly bring the holiday mood on, lazy and indulgent, just as your time off should…

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Experience Dubrovnik

Get yourself lost in Dubrovnik old town, spend a day at the rocky seashore with crystal blue Adriatic waters, so welcoming to plunge into, and take in the atmosphere of this Mediterranean pearl.

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