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#AEmemories Facebook Competition Round-up

Family holiday memories have can warm our hearts and make us burst out laughing. We have asked our Facebook fans to share their best family holiday memories. We smiled and laughed while reading their colourful stories. Thank you for sharing the memories with us! We have gathered a couple of your stories in our blog, we hope you’ll enjoy reading them just as much as we did!

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Taking adult children on holiday: A survival guide

Summary: With 14 per cent of parents paying for their adult children to holiday with them, how can you prevent the trip from descending into a nightmare? As much as you all love each other, holidays that involve parents and…

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5 holiday-themed Dad jokes that are guaranteed to make you groan

What’s your favourite summer holiday-themed Dad joke? According to recent research carried out by car hire firm Auto Europe, over one in 10 (14 per cent) of parents still pay for their children to holiday with them even when they…

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Old cars fun facts

Dogs, books or cars – there’s a non-human best friend for everyone. Our pick this time is cars. We use cars every day, they cost us a lot of money, but how much do we actually know about them? We’ve…

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What annoys us at the airport

What annoys us at the airport?

Auto Europe has carried out a survey around the theme “What annoys us on holidays”. We have asked our clients to share their travel experiences with us. In the second part of the survey, respondents were to mention the most annoying things at the airport.

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