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Europe’s Idyllic Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the favourite pastimes around the globe. Discovering a place at one’s own pace while being so close to nature are sheer luxuries of modern life, so it’s no wonder why more and more people choose a hiking holiday over a not so active holiday stay. Benefits for the body and mind are holistic and countless. Not only can you charge your batteries, but you can also meet other enthusiastic hikers now and then, and have some peace and quiet in a tranquil place to reconnect with yourself.

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Diving on Holiday

Diving on Holiday

A new summer – a new challenge. Let’s make it diving this time!
Wash the heat off by taking a plunge in the cool, salt-scented sea. You will hear the silence and see the colourful world hidden from non-divers. Take this amazing opportunity to become a part of it, at least during this brief encounter. You may see brightly coloured sea creatures move around you, or get invited to a swim with dolphins.

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Explore Sicily

Sicily, an Italian gem and a well-known tourist destination, never ceases to fascinate and rewards its visitors with the breathtaking vistas, perfect weather, and an even more grand cuisine. Let’s take a tour. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea,…

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A California Road Trip Part III: Death Valley and San Diego

Sadly our California road trip is almost over, but we can still enjoy the final stretch together by exploring Death Valley National Park and San Diego in this third and final instalment of our series. Get ready to learn more about the extremes of Death Valley and the beauty of San Diego!

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The Midsummer Eve

Light and warmth, so much needed, and yet not so often experienced in the Nordic part of the world, do deserve to be celebrated in a big style. The Midsummer Eve is that time of the year in Sweden, a…

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