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10 Amazing Animal Islands

  Komodo National Park, Indonesia Like remnants from ancient times, there is an island tucked away from the civilized world, deep in the Indonesian archipelago which hosts animals that are considered living fossils. This island is home to the Komodo…

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Panorama Route South Africa

Explore the Mpumalanga highlands and enjoy one of the world’s most scenic drives. The northeast of South Africa is dominated by the Klein Drakensberg Mountains that stretch across the South African grasslands. Near South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park lays…

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Bleisure Trips for Two or More

Work travel represents a fantastic opportunity to add a little more to our work and life balance, and is beneficial to work efficiency. A growing number of employees worldwide are more and more eager to turn dry and often tiresome…

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Bleisure Holiday Hotels

 Three luxury hotels you wish you could stay in when on a business trip Business and pleasure don’t go well together, do they? Well, false, according to the rise in the number of travellers who are mixing it and are…

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Summer spot

Perfect Offline Holiday

Technology has advanced and, along with its progress, the original purpose of making our lives easier has been overshadowed with its consequences. The benefits of technology are no doubt many and we’re not trying to deny them. The negative side…

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