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Technology and Travel

We live in a brave new world, one filled with the wonders of social media networks, really smart smartphones, and enough wi-fi hotspots no make sure you never need to drop off the grid. The hipsters among us may well…

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Child seats guide

Extras Checklist

Booking a car hire is usually the last step when planning your holidays. You’ve already decided on a destination, you have probably booked your flight, and you’ve most likely seen about a hotel or some other accommodation arrangement. Now you’re all set and ready to hire a car.

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Terms and Conditions: Why The Fine Print Matters

It’s often a plot point found in B movies that the main character fails to read the fine print of a contract and next thing you know they’ve lost all their property, handed their first-born to the vilain and are now destitute and alone. In real life, things are never quite that dire, but it’s a sad truth that very few people bother to go over all the boring fine print.

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Winter Road Rules

  The snow season is always a fun one but for driving a vehicle in it, it can also be a dangerous one. Most people from the UK are used to some snow and have had some experience driving in…

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Travel Florence in Style

Looking for a holiday with a superstar spin? Why shouldn’t you treat yourself and splash out on a little luxury! Florence, Italy is a great place to enjoy a lavish break.  It has amazing hotels ranging from boutique to lavish…

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