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Child seats guide

Child seats guide

According to the new EU regulations, all children under 150 centimetres in height and of less than 36 kilograms weight must use the appropriate child seat while travelling in cars. Here is a short guide explaining which infant, child, or booster seat is the correct one for your child. If you don’t know which child seat to choose – read this blog to ensure safe travel for the youngest members of your family.

Rear-facing infant seat

Weight: Babies up to 13kg/29lbs
Age: Approximately 12-15 months

Rear-facing seats assure better safety and protection for the baby’s back, neck, and head than the front-facing ones. When the child’s head is higher than the seat top, place the seat in the front-facing position.

Coution: Never put the rear-facing baby seat on the front passenger’s seat in a car equipped with a passenger air bag!

Forward-facing child seat
Weight: 9-18kg/20-40lbs
Age: Approximately 9 months-4 years

Once your child is too big for a rear-facing infant seat, you can start using the forward-facing child seat.

Booster seat
Weight: 15-25kg/33-55lbs
Age: Approximately 4-6 years

Booster cushion
Weight: 22-36kg/48-79lbs
Age: Approximately 6-12 years

Booster cushions consist only of the lower part of the child seat. The upper body of the child is protected by a seat belt. It is vital to adjust the height of the seat belt to the height of the child.

Please remember that it is the driver’s legal responsibility to ensure proper seats for passengers under 17 years of age. You can add an infant, child, and booster seat to your car hire on our internet site while processing your booking; please see the example image below:

Add a child seat

Alternatively, you can also call our toll-free line 0800 358 1229 and book your car hire with child seat on the phone, or ask our agent to add the extra equipment to a previously made online booking. Please book all extra equipment, including child seats, in advance, as their availability may be limited. Have a safe trip!


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