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Escaping the Olympics

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This year see’s the world’s largest sporting event held in the UK. The UK tourist board will be rubbing their hands together at the thought of how many people will be visiting the UK this year; but what about us Brits that would love nothing more than to escape the madness of the Olympics?

Here’s a look at what other events are happening around the world this July and August:

Spain has a host of lively music festivals. Hire a car in Spain and join in with the fun at jazz festivals in either San Sebastian or Santander. Madrid has an annual art festival “Veranos de la Villa” where you can enjoy all different types of music; from pop to opera!

Book a France car hire and watch the final stages of the action packed Tour de France. For the cuisine lovers there is an annual cheese fair held in the heart of Normandy and a champagne festival that takes place in Ardenne!

Portugal is a beautiful country packed full of history and religion.  With a car hire Portugal in the month of August you can celebrate The Feast of Noosa Senhora do Monte in Fubchal or watch the Medieval Journey to Santa Maria de Feira; where the town transports back to medieval times.

So do not despair, within just a few hours flying time you can immerse yourself in other cultures and forget all about gold, silver and bronze!

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