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Europe’s Idyllic Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the favourite pastimes around the globe. Discovering a place at one’s own pace while being so close to nature are sheer luxuries of modern life, so it’s no wonder why more and more people choose a hiking holiday over a not so active holiday stay. Benefits for the body and mind are holistic and countless. Not only can you charge your batteries, but you can also meet other enthusiastic hikers now and then, and have some peace and quiet in a tranquil place to reconnect with yourself.

Walking European hiking trails is a real dream, there is something exciting about it for everyone. Trails that wind their way through breathtaking landscapes, alpine scenery or Scandinavian fjords, complement the trails in the Mediterranean, abundant with sweet-scented herbs and pine forests, with the sea looming on the horizon.

The whole idea of spending several days outdoors surrounded by such wonderful scenery makes us a bit giddy. Let’s check out three of the best European hiking trails.

Iceland We will start our hiking route in Iceland.
The amazing country of Iceland serves as the backdrop for our first trail. Hot Spring Route, known as Laugavegurinn, spans over 34 miles of expansive land. The trail starts in the area of hot springs and stretches all the way to the valley of glaciers. The average time needed to complete this trekking route is 2-4 days. The dramatically diverse landscape is sure to fill you with awe every step of the way. And with emerald-green valleys, vast glaciers and bare mountains along the route, you are in for some memorable, jaw-dropping scenes.

SwitzerlandSwitzerland resembles a picture book for nature lovers, sometimes seemingly too beautiful to be true. The country of majestic scenery has a vast network of trails, and the unique beauty of each makes our choice rather difficult. Today we’ll be looking into the Bernese Highlands (Bernese Oberland), one of European most famous trails.
It’s stunning scenery is difficult to beat – soft rolling valleys full of wild flowers are surrounded by soaring snowy mountain peaks, with traditional Swiss hamlets scattered here and there. The many vantage points are a great choice for a break, since they offer views on stunning crystal clear lakes and expansive glaciers in Switzerland. You can tailor the tour according to your own preferences and time.

For a little twist, we recommend heading further south to Cinque Terre in Italy, where, besides dramatic looking mountains and coastal cliffs, you are in for turquoise sea and colourful houses lining ancient villages by the seaside. ItalyThe Cinque Terre comprises five Ligurian villages, all of which along with the surrounding coastline and hills constitue a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We suggest you take a well-deserved break here, soak up some sunshine and enjoy the tasty local delicacies. Happy hiking!

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