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Lesser-Known Destinations

Exotic Summer Destinations

Our wall calendar may disagree, but the summer is definitely here. Long hot days call for a refreshing holiday by the seaside, with your favourite long drink, a good book and fun people around you.
The trouble is that we’re not the only ones who feel this way, and these fun people around us can easily turn into hundreds of people silently and desperately fighting for their place under the sun on an over-crowded beach, which makes a beach stay all but pleasant.

Fortunately, our planet still has stunning places which offer quite a lot, but are not jam-packed with holidaymakers. Auto Europe’s newest infographic brings you closer to several of them. Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Nicaragua and Mozambique are some of the places featured in the infographic. Take a look and immerse yourself in the beautiful photos of unspoilt beaches, turquoise sea and magnificent volcanoes in these exotic, faraway destinations.
You may well start packing your suitcases, too…

Click on the image below to open the infographic.

Lesser known summer destinations

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