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FAQs: Cookies, discounts and special links

Every now and then, we get customer queries regarding the use of our site. In order to help clarify some of the issues, here are our replies to some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Does the Auto Europe site use cookies?
Yes. Our site makes limited use of cookies in order to improve the user experience. These cookies only store basic information, such as session ID or what country you selected for your query, but they don’t store any personal or credit card information.

2. How do I get rid of this cookies?
You can click on this link to delete the cookies. Alternatively, you can also clear the cookies directly on your browser settings. You should, however, make sure that you don’t delete your cookies halfway through a booking, or you will have to start over.

3. Why do I sometimes get different prices when checking your site at different times?
If you’re seeing two different prices for the same car, on the same dates, on the same location, provided by the same supplier, that probably means you have accessed the site in different ways both times. Let me try to explain. When you access our site either through typing the link on the address bar or through a normal Google result, you get the normal prices and you should see the same prices every single time you access the site in this manner, provided the same vehicle is still available. If you access the site through a special link (such as a Google Add, or a newsletter link), special discounts will be loaded and you will then see a different price.

4. I have seen Google Adds for Auto Europe that have really low prices, but when I try do a search on the site, I get a higher price. Why is that?
The price you get will depend on the dates you used for your query, on the pick up location and on the vehicle category. All of these may be different from the elements used to calculate the price on the add.

5. The prices on the newsletter are not lower than the normal prices.
The newsletter always has a discount on top of our online prices. If you are not getting lower prices through the newsletter, please clear your cache and try to access the site again through a newsletter link.

Sometimes, some special newsletters (normally promotions specific to a certain supplier, like a Hertz Promo, or a Europcar Promo, etc.) only apply in some destinations. If that’s the case, those specific discounts will only apply for those destinations. Furthermore, there may be blackout periods in which those promotions are not valid and for which the discounts will not be loaded – if it is the case, you can check it in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion. But even in those newsletters, you can click the “More destinations worldwide” banner to get the normal newsletter discounts for destinations not covered by the special supplier promotion.

6. Help! I have used the link on a Hertz Promotion newsletter (or Europcar, or Avis, etc.) and now I can only get results for that supplier. How can I see the full results again?
You can click here to delete the cookies or use your browser settings to clear the browsing data.

7. The newsletter prices are only for small cars, but I want to hire a 6-seater. Do you ever have promotions for bigger cars?
The “from” prices advertised on the newsletter are the lowest prices we offer on a given destination, so they normally are for the lowest car category. However, when you access the site through a newsletter link, the discounts are applied to all car categories and you get lower prices across the board.

I hope you found this article informative! As always, you are welcome to leave your comments or questions in the comments section below, or come pay us a visit on Facebook or Twitter 😉

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One Response to FAQs: Cookies, discounts and special links

  1. Andy West says:

    Thank you for answearing all those questions. Really good to see that you care about your customers. Thanks.

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