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From Cape Town to London

Fiat Panda 0.9 Twin Air – From Cape Town to London, in record time

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What do you usually do when you offer to customers a new engine, even a 2-cylinder one, 0.9 litre, turbo, given the fact that you clearly know that there are large biases regarding the reliability of your technology? Well, I guess you’re simply trying to prove that you did a good job and produced a reliable engine, powered well enough to be registered as a record. Fiat managed to prove this with the help of two Brits who beat the record time on the race Cape Town – London, driving a Fiat Panda 0.9 Twin Air. The results of this race are quite impressive, as well as car itself, say Fiat representatives. They are very proud of its performance, given the fact that the small Fiat Panda never recorded any technical problems, even driven continuously in conditions far from being ideal.

Philip Young and Paul Brace are two British journalists who had planned to beat the time record on a route of 16,000 km, between the cities of Cape Town (South Africa) and London. The most difficult part was crossing the entire African continent, on roads that, basically, have never seen asphalt. That is why the two drivers have decided to drive a Fiat Panda equipped with the 0.9-litre engine, turbocharged, with 85 hp. The vehicle only needed a couple of modifications: it was equipped with lowlands shields, an extra tank, stronger springs and a suction air inlet mounted on the ceiling. As for the rest, it is a usual serial production car.

To beat the record, the two journalists drove, on average, about 1600 kilometres per day, with an average speed of about 65 km/h. It’s quite impressive, especially regarding the fact that Africa doesn’t have highways, but offers instead unfriendly desserts that cannot be crossed at high speed. The total time was the period of 10 days, 13 hours and 28 minutes. This means 24 hours less than the previous record.


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