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Five of the finest restaurants around the world

It seems that most bleisure travellers have admitted that they would take advantage of upgrades if their company is paying. When your employer is paying for your meals it’s hard to go past the extra-special restaurants with exquisite dishes that make you ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, after all, its not impacting your pocket. To be fair, we don’t blame them when some of the following restaurants exist, so read on and chow down.
Tetsuyas, Sydney

Based on Australian, Japanese and French fusion cuisine, Tetsuya’s is a famous name in the chef world. Located in the heart of Sydney on a heritage-listed site, the restaurant offers an exceptional degustation menu which regularly changes. If you’re lucky enough you may get to sample the famous confit of Petuna ocean trout with fennel and unpasteurised ocean trout caviar. Make sure to go for the accompanying wine course as Tetsuya’s boasts one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Sydney.



George Prime Steak, Prague

One for the carnivores! If perfectly cooked prime steak sounds up your alley then head to George Prime Steak. Located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, this restaurant is home to an extensive selection of delicious steaks, sides and an immaculately prepared cocktail list. The wait staff will show you all the cuts of steak before you choose, so you can select your favourite.



Caprice, Hong Kong

If you’re after a taste of French cuisine while in Hong Kong, be sure to visit the highly-renowned Caprice. This elegant restaurant showcases fine wines from French regions, a cellar full of artisanal cheeses and flavourful dishes to suit all tastes. Dine in the stunning interiors, which feature Chinese-inspired Czech crystal chandeliers, and look out across Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula as you enjoy your meal.



D.O.M., Sao Paulo Brazil

Known as the number one restaurant in South America, D.O.M. is run by renowned chef, Alex Atala. What makes this place so special is the use of native Brazilian ingredients and special flavours such as tucupi juice, pirarucu and piraíba fishes, the herb jambu, and tapioca created from manioc flour. The restaurant has been a game-changer for this type of cuisine and has certainly changed the way we view Brazilian gastronomy.



Manresa California

Located in Los Gatos, California, Manresa is a house-hold name in the top-restaurant industry. Boasting lavish farm-to-table tasting menus, this is not one to miss. The chef, David Kinch, finds inspiration from European traditions and blends them effortlessly with the vast ingredients that sunny north California has on offer. Be sure to try the signature dish ‘Into the Vegetable Garden’, which is a mixture of 40 to 60 fresh ingredients straight from Love Apples Farms.


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