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Travel to new places in 2013

Four destinations where you will most likely not bump into your neighbour in 2013

1. Bhutan

The small kingdom has opened up for tourism, but everything still works at a Bhutanese pace – ie. slowly and in a controlled form. Here you can experience the thrill of a previously isolated Buddhist culture and beautiful golden mountain landscapes. And most importantly: you will most likely not bump into your neighbour or colleague. In fact, Bhutan is not filled with many tourists, which mean you can travel for long without meeting other Europeans

2. The West Indies

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a former tropical colony, that meets three important travel criteria: There are good beaches and beautiful scenery, culture and history, and the islands  are easily accessible with direct flights from London Gatwick and Heathrow. Thus, they have become a great alternative to traditional winter destinations.

3. Sharjah

The third largest Emirate is moving against the flow of popular tourism in Dubai. The small desert state has toned down the amount of skyscrapers and the many palaces, that are known from Dubai. Instead, you will find a more culturally oriented audience that has made a point to protect the original culture. This is a great destination for families with children, as you can benefit from direct access to the sand beaches and warm water. Plus, Sharjah is only a 15-minute drive from Dubai Airport.

4. Burma

A few years ago, Burma was mostly known for its brutal dictatorship. Today the military has loosened the grip, and foreign investings are pouring into. The country has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches – many of them untouched. In addition, you can enjoy urban space with street kitchens, traffic and temples, as we many know and love from Thailand.

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