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Green is the new Black

We live in a society where we love our cars. Our Audi’s, Mercedes’, BMW’s, Porsche’s, 4×4’s and anything else that gives the impression “Look at me, I have money” message. We want comfort, space and style in our cars, and why wouldn’t we, as my last article Driving safely – tips to help you ease aches and pains in the car suggested we spend on average about 20hpw in our cars, and that’s just for work. It doesn’t include our trips away to Paris, or Kids Day Out, so we want all the luxuries in our cars, don’t we?

According to the Times Online Britain is going to be heading into the Electric car era sooner rather than later. By the end of next year about 1000 bays are expected to be installed across the UK, with approx 200 in London and the rest around the country. Eventually, all cities are expected to have them, either in shopping car parks or pillars on the road side. Topping your car up is free of charge, but you have to pay £75 a year for a key to be able to use them. Electric and Hybrid cars are increasing in popularity as everybody’s bills go up, and with the ridiculous petrol prices, who wouldn’t want to change?

So the electric car isn’t as stylish as your Porsche, or as big as your Land Rover, or as fast as your Ferrari, but it will save you plenty of money during the years. It will only cost you £75 a year to top your car up for free at any charging point, we spend on average £2,637 per year filling up our tanks, 14% of our average salary £19167.98, so that’s a whopping saving of £2562 per year. You will be exempt from the Congestion Charge if you are going to into London, which currently is £8 – £10 per day dependent on when you pay, again, if travelling everyday into London that saves approximately £2088 – £2610 per year. So it’s not that bad going electric.

Of course there are the implications of driving one of these, such as you won’t look very stylish as these resemble more of a cartoon type car, the top speed is 50mph, will do 48 miles before it needs recharging, and costs £9000.

It tough waying up the odds. Do we go for style and spend a vast amount more money to keep our cars on the road, or do we go for economical and save a packet, but in doing so, greying our “look at me I’m rich” status. It is a tough call, but we soon may be back in our prime according to Green-Car Comparison Site style is but 60mph away.

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