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Infographic Cost of Motoring

Did you know that an average British motorist spends the exorbitant sum of £168,880 during their driving lifetime? It’s pretty hard to imagine such a staggering amount of money being spent on motoring alone. And yet, the facts are there! The results of a study recently carried out by Auto Europe, a world famous car hire broker, show that a typical British driver will invest that much money into driving.

In addition, a British motorist will consume 4,953 sandwiches and 1,935 hamburgers, 7,000 cups of coffee on average during their travels. They will also horn 2,709 times, and mess up their long practised parking manoeuvre for 2,399 times!

To get a clear picture and find out what’s right, Auto Europe has interviewed nearly 2,000 drivers about their driving behaviour, based on the current cost of a private vehicle.
How do you make the results of this survey more comprehensive? Well, for this purpose, we have prepared a set of information in the form of an infographic easy to read, quite informative and fun at the same time! Additionally, if you’d like to learn how to cut the cost of motoring, pay a visit to our other blog article here.

Take a look at the image below to unlock the secret numbers from a typical British motorist’s life!

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