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Ever considered interior design for your car?

According to a recent poll by the affordable car hire company, people spend an average of seven hours a week in their cars. Cars almost become a home away from home, and therefore it is important to make your car as comfortable as possible. Jazzing up car interior makes us feel comfortable and at home. You can make your car more comfortable by using some of the useful additions below.

Nothing gets people more annoyed than not being able to find the thing they are looking for. Therefore, make sure that your car is organised in a way that you can easily find anything you need. Especially for safety items, such as the safety jacket or your car tools, it is important you can find them when you need them. This also counts for all the small things that randomly lie around in your car, organizing makes life on the road easier. The best way to keep an overview of all your personal belongings in your car is to get some organizers. They come in all different colours and shapes. Choosing multiple colours helps to keep your items sorted.

A simple addition to your car would be to add two additional USB points to a cigarette lighter plug. All you need is a cable which allows you to keep your phones, tablets and videogames going during your road trip!



Female drivers usually have to put their bags on the back seat or on the passenger seat causing them to have to stretch into the back seat or below the glove compartment. Instead you can choose to purchase a hanger that allows you to hang up your bag; This way you will always have it nearby within your reach. It also keeps your bag safe from potential dirt and stains.

Statistics show that drivers drink a staggering 6,966 cups of coffee in their lifetime. An easy way to make your car a more comfortable place to have a cup of coffee is to get a drink holder installed in the interior of the car. You will have fewer spills in your car and it will keep your car clean.

Get luxurious! If you want to go all out on your car interior and make your car exceptional, you can go to a workshop to get your interior modified. Add TVs, fridges, or massage chairs, anything is possible.

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