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Live the London Life in Luxury

Today is a fun one with the launch of our new luxury car hire service. Visit and select ‘Luxury London Cars’ from the Specials menu to discover a red carpet roll call of cars made by BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Bentley and Aston Martin! With free delivery and collection from London hotels or airports and pre-completed paperwork, you can simply collect the keys and power off on the drive of your dreams! The new service is ideal for business, pleasure and pure indulgence. Every car is guaranteed to be less than 2 years old and most are loaded up with extras like satellite navigation, tinted windows, DVD players, TVs and Bluetooth phone kits. You may even get a fridge to keep your refreshments chilled!

To find what’s available on your chosen car hire dates, log onto, enter the ‘London Luxury Cars’ section and choose destination London and the vehicle you are interested in. Prices are displayed next to each car to give you guidance. Once you have selected a vehicle, you will be asked to enter your contact information to request a quote. At this point a representative from our specialist luxury car hire team will contact you directly to discuss your requirements. After all, we want your dream drive to be 100% perfect!

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