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Mixing business with pleasure: is it good for the career?

Many people embracing bleisure travel feel happier and more motivated at work as a result. With British employees spending on average 5 days a month travelling for work, bleisure travel appears as a new way of unwinding.

Motivating factor

More than one in four employees believe that adding extra days onto a work trip makes them feel more motivated at work in the long run. One or two days of personal travel on top of our business trip can work miracles and let our body and mind recharge their batteries. In the end, we feel relaxed and the stress from work steps down.

A benefit to the company

It turns out bleisure travel is beneficial for both sides. Motivated employees bring more to the company. Having a fresh head after a few days of bleisure, helps us perform our professional duties better. Even a short break from a daily routine at work sets our minds on a new track and adds to our performance.

“Exciting part of the job”

According to a spokesman for Auto Europe, travelling for business can be an exciting part of the job – it adds variety and offers opportunities to see new places and experience different working cultures. He also states that sharing the travelling opportunities between employees and organising bookings, check-ins and accommodation in advance can help ensure travel remains a perk, not a burden for employees.

Indeed, getting these travel rewards helps people feel happier, and can act as a promotion-driving factor as well. Bleisure could be good for people’s careers, making them feel more motivated to work towards a promotion, for example. Bleisure, as a new travel trend, seems to be of a mutual benefit to the company and its employees.

The Auto Europe spokesman adds: Autoeurope can’t make your business trips happen more often, however, we can offer fantastic car prices and affordable rates to anyone that wants more value from their bleisure trips or personal holidays.”


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One Response to Mixing business with pleasure: is it good for the career?

  1. Artema Ltd says:

    Great article!

    We also believe that there are a lot of positive points in this trend. A lot more people nowadays prefer to be less constrained to the old fashion work space.

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