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More than European

We know that our name occasionally throws people off track. After all being called Auto Europe does not immediately suggest an international car hire brokerage with more than 6,000 drop off/pick up destinations across the world. So why don’t we change it? It’s simple. We are just as proud of our history as we are of our service and our prices. It all started back in 1950s Ohio when our founder noticed how many US servicemen remained in Europe after the 2nd World War. What’s more, that their families wanted to visit them and needed transport whilst away. In the early days the business sold cars to US visitors and then re-purchased the vehicles prior to their journey home. Whilst this service was well-used it was the founding of the consumer car hire principle that really took off. It was exactly the service these early tourists were crying out for and expansion was rapid. There’s another reason too, we work hard to make our name and our brand synonymous with quality. We hope you agree – please let us know!

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