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Working Even on Holiday?

Even if we travel a world away from the humdrum of normal life, many Brits just can’t leave the office behind when they’re on holiday, according to our new survey.

The poll of more than 1000 holidaymakers revealed that the vast majority of people spend an average of 41 minutes per day on a trip thinking about their job and associated responsibilities, which means on a ten-day break, British holidaymakers could well lose a full day from their holiday thinking about the office instead of enjoying their well earned trip.

Those that struggle to switch off often check their emails from abroad, while some will actually respond if the matter is urgent enough, suggesting that many Brits can’t detach themselves from what’s going on at home.

Some check their voicemails to see if they’ve missed any important work-related calls, while others don’t take their eyes off their phone to ensure calls don’t even have the choice to go to the answering machine.

So, why can’t we break ties from work while on holiday? The respondents believe they have to keep on top of things as there is no one else that can do their job in their absence or are worried about falling too far behind.

Some UK holidaymakers don’t want to feel like they’re ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to what’s going on in the office and others feel that they need to keep in touch because they fear they could actually lose their jobs.

A handful of respondents believed that not leaving the job at home when they are on holiday will demonstrate to their employer that they are fully committed to their role and will result in Brownie points.

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