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One Way Car Hire Bookings

One Way Car Hire with Auto Europe

Have you ever wanted to collect a car hire from one location but return it to another? Luckily, this is an available option and is known in the industry as one-way car hire. This means you can fly to an airport in London, pick-up your car, drive to Liverpool and drop it off there, before flying back home. This option isn’t just restricted to airports and can apply to any branch location – in essence making your trip very dynamic.

Auto Europe not only offers one way bookings between different destinations in one country (domestic one ways), but also, in certain cases, one way bookings between two different countries in Europe. This kind of international one way, will incur an extra fee. Many would consider that the experience of being able to go on a European road trip well worth the added cost!

Understanding One Way Fees

When you search for a quote on our booking engine and opt for the option to create a one way booking, we always display a notification about possible restrictions and fees related to one ways. A fee is normally mandatory when dropping off your vehicle in a different location to its original pick-up. The fee amount is notified by the car rental company. Auto Europe will also notify you of the fee amount on your confirmation voucher.

Depending on your supplier, if required, the one way fee is displayed during the booking process below the total price. If you are happy to proceed and the option is available for that supplier, you may either pay the car hire price, plus the one way fee total directly to Auto Europe. Or alternatively, you may pay the car hire price only to Auto Europe and the one way fee directly to the supplier upon pick-up. If you find the fee too expensive, you may still cancel your booking for free and receive a full refund if done within 48 hours in advance.

One Way Car Hire

Domestic One Way Bookings

Whenever you pick-up a car in one location and return it to another, you would usually incur a one way fee, depending on the car rental company. This will be displayed directly after the total price during the booking process. Auto Europe will also send you a voucher with this amount on. If you find the fee expensive and wish to cancel, then simply contact us 48 hours in advance and a full refund will be issued.

A great idea, therefore, for maximising the potential of your car hire booking is to arrange pick-up at one end of the country, and drop it off at the other end of the same country. This way you can benefit from a road trip and enjoy the countries sights, varied landscapes and explore more of what it has on offer.

International One Way Bookings

All car rental companies charge a fee for international one way bookings – ones that start in one country and end in another. The fee, depending on the car rental supplier will be displayed during the booking process below the total price. You will also receive a voucher from Auto Europe with this fee amount on. If you are not happy with the amount, then you may cancel your booking, giving 48 hours in advance and receive a full refund.

Although some car rental company fees may seem expensive, it is good to compare, as to whether or not it would still be cheaper than flying between the different locations. An added bonus to driving instead of flying would also be the ability to stop to admire the beautiful scenery and lovely towns along the way!

Give Us a Call!

If you would like to compare the one way fees and policies between the different car rental companies we work with, the easiest way to do this is to call our reservation centre on 0800 358 1229. The number is a free phone number from UK landlines. Let us help you plan the road trip of a lifetime

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