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Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Traditions

Auto Europe takes you to the other side of the ocean for a long weekend: Thanksgiving! Celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, it is above all a wonderful family celebration. Discover in this blog the origins of this great…

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Infographic: the perfect car hire experience

From additional drivers to different types of coverage, reading the Terms and Conditions when renting a car can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, Auto Europe has decided to lay out everything you need to know regarding…

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Car hire coverage in the USA explained

Car hire in USA is made easy with Auto Europe. You book, fly, pick up a car and drive. There’s no need to worry about insurance, as Auto Europe car hire offers include all insurance that is necessary in the USA. You may focus on your trip plan, the rest is included in your car hire rate.

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Understanding car hire coverage

How often do you think of insurance when you plan your holiday or car hire? It is worth spending some time to read and understand the conditions of insurance policy in order to save you some unnecessary and stressful experience.

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Car Hire Pick-Up Procedures Explained

If you have rented a car more than once, you will probably know that finding the desk of your car rental company is often not the easiest task. But worry not, we are here to help. In this post, we have explained the most common pick-up procedures used by car hire suppliers at airport locations and elsewhere, so that next time you will be prepared no matter what!

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