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Safari in South Africa

The Western society’s adventure stories have often referred to the word “safari” as reckless game hunting on the Dark Continent. Partially due to the devastating consequences of such a hunting practice, a new paradigm for exploring the African continent has…

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Zakopane, Poland

Autumn getaways in Europe

Every season brings along something special. Summer showers us with sun and vitamin D. And autumn? Cold, grey and blue. Quite the opposite! Autumn is the harvest time for grapes, pears, apples, pumpkins, walnuts, … Embrace the spirit of autumn and make the most of this season.

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Autumn Colours in the UK

Autumn is that time of the year when some lament over the long and hot summer days now gone and cold, rainy days taking their place. For some it is an opportunity to embrace the powerful and imminent change imposed…

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Singapore’s Strange Laws

How often do you actually familiarize yourself with the laws of a foreign country before visiting it? A harmless thing in your home country may turn into a night(mare) in prison abroad. We always try to play by the “better safe than sorry” rules, so here is a short collection of weird laws in Singapore that we wish someone had told us before our trip.

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The Gorgeous National Parks of Croatia

Deeply rooted in spectacular nature, Croatian tourist offer is abundant with a variety of places suitable both for ultimate relaxation and active holidays. Whether you choose to visit the coast, mountains or low-lands, it is certain that none of them will leave you indifferent. From the array of engaging activities, choose hiking, cycling, diving or even try your hand at geocaching, a relatively new form of active holiday in Croatia. It will be a holiday to remember!

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