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10 ways to cut the cost of motoring

Car or no car? That is the question. Every single car owner knows how expensive owning a car gets at times. There are unexpected repairs, MOT, petrol, and regular maintenance items, to name only a few inevitable expenses. Auto Europe,…

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Beer Tour in March

The long time between winter and summer is easier to “ride out” with a prospect of a holiday. And while March may not be the most appealing time to go on a breather with temperatures still quickly changing and rain…

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Carnivals around Europe

With the carnival season in full swing it’s time to hit the streets! You don’t need to fly to Rio de Janeiro – there are numerous festivities taking place around Europe right now!

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7 colourful natural wonders

1. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia The Danakil Depression, also referred to as the Afar Triangle, can be found in the north of Ethiopia. It is called a triangle as it is positioned on the junction of three tectonic plates. This area…

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Five Green Monuments of Italy

If your ideal type of holiday includes a lot of sightseeing and admiration of both human ingenuity and breathtaking nature, Italy is definitely the go-to place. The awareness about nature being the greatest artist ever starts to sink in once…

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