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What to do in a heat wave?

Rainy and chilly summers will inevitably cause a whole myriad of complaints about the weather. It is too cold, wet or grey for a summer. The same goes for hot and scorching summer months, pretty much like those we are experiencing right now. One way or another, they cannot be avoided, but they can be dealt with.

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Car Rental Checklist

Good car hire is a guarantee of complete freedom on your holidays – it will provide you not only with mobility, but it will also make you independent from the odd public transportation hours or hotel shuttle service. Our new…

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It takes ‘Good Vibrations’ to keep UK motorists ‘Happy’

Getting in the car and setting off on a summer adventure is made even better thanks to the Beach Boys and Pharrell Williams, according to a major new survey by Auto Europe. UK motorists seem to like to mix classics…

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What’s the cure for a holiday-hangover?

Has returning from your most recent holiday got you feeling blue? Why not take a leaf out of other UK holidaymakers’ books and cure your post-break hangover by booking another trip?

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Working Even on Holiday?

Even if we travel a world away from the humdrum of normal life, many Brits just can’t leave the office behind when they’re on holiday, according to our new survey. The poll of more than 1000 holidaymakers revealed that the vast majority of people spend an average of 41 minutes per day on a trip thinking about their job and associated responsibilities…

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