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British Heritage under the Veil of Mystery

The National Trust is a UK-based charity founded with the main aim of protecting and preserving historic places and nature reserves in the country. They work hard to preserve the British heritage and bring places of interest closer to the public.
The protected places make for an excellent one-day trip where you can travel back in time or get a breath of fresh air in spectacular gardens and forests.

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San Francisco

A California Road Trip Part I: Northern California

Welcome to the first instalment of our three-part blog series, giving you a rundown of the Californian cities and landmarks you will want to stop at on your trip through “the Golden State”. This time, we are focussing on Northern California: San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, and Santa Cruz.

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Piglet Paradise in the Bahamas

The Bahamas themselves don’t need a lot of introduction. The famous group of  scattered islands reminds one of a glorious burst of colour, randomly splattered over the Atlantic vastness. Each island will greet you with white sand beaches, lush greenery…

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Solar Eclipse

A total sun eclipse, a spectacular phenomenon on the sky, will occur this Friday, on the 20th of March, across the Arctic and far Northern Europe. One of the best spots to watch the total sun eclipse are the Faroe Islands, where the total eclipse phase will last 2 minutes and 46 seconds. This event will only be repeated after a decade, in 2026.

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Morning Glory(ville)

Good morning, early birds! You will be happy to find out more about the new perfect start into a new day. You can squeeze this new trend easily into your early morning routine. It is motivating, it is energising and…

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