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Foodies’ Trip to Scandinavia

The reputation of Scandinavian countries will often be bordering on notorious, only thanks to the semi-darkness prevailing for the better part of the year. We are sure that real foodies would not be stopped by such a minor issue. So,…

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Cambridge Beer Festival

When it comes to beer festivals, the first one that usually springs to mind is the biggest German event of the sort – Oktoberfest. But who wants to wait until autumn? The good news is that no one has to,…

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A California Road Trip Part III: Death Valley and San Diego

Sadly our California road trip is almost over, but we can still enjoy the final stretch together by exploring Death Valley National Park and San Diego in this third and final instalment of our series. Get ready to learn more about the extremes of Death Valley and the beauty of San Diego!

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Islands in the Venetian Lagoon

The ever attractive lagoon of Venice does not seem to lose its shine, not even when overflown with tourists or faced with occasional infrastructural problems. It has inspired thousands of poems and surely ignited a spark in a romance or…

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The Midsummer Eve

Light and warmth, so much needed, and yet not so often experienced in the Nordic part of the world, do deserve to be celebrated in a big style. The Midsummer Eve is that time of the year in Sweden, a…

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