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Iconic Cars

Iconic Cars from the Big Screen

Some of the most remarkable films on the silver screen showcase a fast or exquisite car which is remembered long after the film credits have rolled. Picture your favourite car and think back, did I first see it in a…

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Weird Wellness

Winter calls for snuggly days, warmth and lots of cosiness. Ice-cold days sound like the perfect time for a long overdue visit to a spa. To spice things up a little bit, make this visit a special one by trying…

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In for a thrill

In for a Thrill – 2017 Car Hire Tips

Excited by expectations of the new year, we dream big and wish to reach high. Have you thought of the summer holidays yet? Where are you heading this year? Now that you need to plan your holiday schedule at work,…

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10 Amazing Animal Islands

  Komodo National Park, Indonesia Like remnants from ancient times, there is an island tucked away from the civilized world, deep in the Indonesian archipelago which hosts animals that are considered living fossils. This island is home to the Komodo…

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Winter Car Maintenance

As one of the world leading car hire brokers, Auto Europe cares not only about quality car hire but is also committed to its customers overall holiday satisfaction. Our blog is abundant with useful tips related to cars, car hire…

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