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One way ticket

One way ticket…

You have come up with this perfect plan for your holidays and are now trying to put it into practice? Hmm, we know, it is sometimes a painstaking process of confirming, rebooking and getting through the T&C. Once you manage to confirm your flight and hotel, the car hire fails, and when it rains, it pours.

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Choices, choices

Spoilt for choices – How to decide on the perfect hire option

Anthony Burgess once wrote that “goodness is something chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.” At Auto Europe we believe in our clients’ right to choose and in our duty to provide them with all the facts so that they can make an informed decision.

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Car hire traffic rules

Traffic Fines in 5 Different Countries

The Greek Treasury needs money and tourists will feel this, if they do not comply with the country’s traffic rules with their car hire in Greece. It now costs 375 Euro if you are caught driving without wearing a seatbelt,…

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The winter of our discontent turns out not so bad after all

This week the Internet exploded with the news that the remains found in Leicester were positively identified as belonging to Richard III, one of the most maligned monarchs in English history. The Tudor’s propaganda machine was so incredibly effective – if you had the likes of Shakespeare writing for you, your propaganda machine might be top-notch too – that to this day the popular feelings against Richard III are probably surpassed only by the popular feelings against King John Lackland (because, as it turns out, nothing ever really tops losing half of France).

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Portugal all around the year

Portugal all year round (part two)

Besides being one of the most popular tourism destinations for British citizens, Portugal also offers bargain holidays. Here you can also find some of the lowest car hire rates. But let us not forget about essentials. In addition to affordable prices, there is much more that lures people to this country. Everyone can find something for themselves: a leisure holiday at the beach, visiting historical sites, or learning the culture and trying the local food. All year round there are interesting cultural, music or sport events in which to take part. Have a look at the list below, which includes various events taking place in Portugal this year. Here is the continuation of last week’s blog.

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