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Perfect Offline Holiday

Technology has advanced and, along with its progress, the original purpose of making our lives easier has been overshadowed with its consequences. The benefits of technology are no doubt many and we’re not trying to deny them. The negative side is the phenomenon of technology overuse taking its toll not only on our health but also on our free time and social life thus depriving us of the real human contact.

How fully aware of life are we and to what extent do we live in the moment if we are constantly connected and live two lives at the same time? One real and one virtual or even an odd blend of the two being more absorbed in the online one. The digital world’s magic has played its trick on most of us and has turned us from users to those being enslaved and those whose urge to “just check the news feed” or “just look it up on Google” is too hard to resist. Fellow digiholics, there is still hope and the time-consuming habit or even addiction to your mobile phones can be beaten!

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Did you know that, according to the latest survey, Brits spend 2.5 hours a day on their phones on holiday, and an extra 1.6 hours on social media? What a shame not to grasp life’s precious moments and to miss out on the fullness and richness of life and relationships just because we’re constantly wrapped in online matters with our eyes glued to the phone. What a waste of time, especially on holiday!

The trend of technology-free resorts for people tired of being constantly online is catching on and the idea of digital detox seems more appealing than ever. And while no wi-fi for some travellers may be a deal-breaker, some will find it an amazing opportunity to break out from the addiction to the digital world.

Since such resorts are not readily available and most of the time we’ll need to exercise our willpower to stay away from the phone, it’s good to come up with a handful of tips to help us along the way.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Airplane Mode

Are you not brave enough to go on a digital detox cold turkey? Or perhaps you’d like to use your phone to take holiday snaps? What could actually work quite well for you is setting your phone to the airplane mode. Not cheating here does involve some willpower but there are only advantages to it, for example, no skyrocketing roaming costs.

Phone Stack

A trend that is picking up in a number of restaurants these days is the so called phone stack. It’s quite straightforward – everyone places their phone face down right in the middle of the table. The first to reach out for their mobile phone is the one to pay the bill for the whole party and this may even beat the aforementioned roaming costs! Focus on your family and friends, the real people in front of you, instead of constantly flitting between social media accounts and virtual friends.

Kill the Notifications

The “grinding monotony” of the actual offline life is every now and then disrupted by the sounds of notifications about incoming emails, texts, messages, comments etc… The (sweet) anticipation of a message long waited for or that important work email…it can all wait when on holiday! Turn off your notifications and save yourself constant distractions. Try to focus on here and now and remember that the time away from work and mundane daily chores melts away really fast. You don’t really want to waste it, do you?

Singapore Sling

Time & Place

With the non-stop Internet access, it’s hard to resist the urge to get the phone out of your pocket. A little trick would that could work here is to assign your phone a special place out of your reach. Put it away for a while and decide that you’ll only check it a couple of times a day. Plan other fun activities to fill your holiday schedule and you may even forget your phone altogether!

Deliberate Oblivion

Forget your charger at home. In the hotel room. In the rental car. Wherever. Dare to set yourself free!

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