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Millions of Brits share a common secret

Millions of Brits share a common secret

One in four Brits secretly stash money away from their partners. It may sound like an outlandish statement, but we have the data to back it up. Results from a new study commissioned by our team at Auto Europe show that the average amount of money secretly saved by Brits is £3,528.

But why do Brits secretly save? The research sheds some light into this question. An astounding 41% seek financial independence and 23% are saving as a buffer for a breakup! Furthermore, Brits have many uses for their secret accounts. 38% want to afford a European break, 30% dream of a holiday on a far flung destination and 21% want to go on weekends away with friends. Lastly, Brits also want to purchase clothes, designer items and new cars with their secret accounts!

To get a better insight on this matter, Auto Europe asked over 1,500 participants to disclose their hiding place of choice. The majority claimed to have online saving accounts, but a whopping 23% prefer the old-fashioned way of hiding their cash inside underwear drawers and in the back of a wardrobe. So, what would happen if they found out their partners had a secret stash? Well, it seems like 42% wouldn’t take the news too well.

We have prepared an infographic to make these statistics easier and more enjoyable to read. However, you can also check out our blog article here to unveil even more shocking secrets!

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