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Summer Saviours | Favourite Summer Items

During the summer time, there are always summer items that we simply can’t live without. Many of these items, have made their way into our summer lives by providing some form of restpite from the sun and heat, or by making us feel stylish. These are just a few objects that our Auto Europe Twitter account followers simply couldn’t live without:

Summer items – Sun Cream

Applying sun cream is not always on the top of everyone’s list – especially if the ideal goal is to obtain as much suntan as possible. Applying sun cream may seem somewhat counterproductive. Sun cream however, is a much needed and vital tool in your summer survival kit. Protecting against UV rays is extremely important. Sun rays can cause serious harm if you’re exposed to them for long periods of time at a regular basis. At the very least, it can cause you some serious discomfort should you get sunburnt. Sunscreens vary in factor, but the higher the factor level, the greater the protection provided. It is advisable to use higher factor creams on small children but, ideally, everyone should use it.

Summer items – Sun Hat

Often overlooked, the sun hat is another vital tool for protecting against the sun’s heat and UV rays. Unknowingly, the head can get extremely hot during the summer, especially for individuals with darker hair colours. It is always advisable to therefore use a sun hat when in direct sunlight. The larger the hat visor, the greater the shade on your face and neck. This will ultimately reduce the sun’s glare and make you feel more comfortable. It is always recommended that young children use a hat especially when playing for long periods of time in direct sunlight.

Summer items – Flip Flops

Not to everyone’s taste – but flip-flops have become an essential item for the summer months. It is true to say that it does very much depend on what your surrounding area is like and what you’re planning to do. For example, within a busy city centre, it may not be suitable, but for those of us lucky enough to be at a beach or surrounded by nature, then flip-flops can be a perfect accessory. Often coming in a variety of colours and designs, the humble flip-flop is great for helping you relax and unwind.

Summer items – Sunglasses

For many, sunglasses can be seen as an all-year-round fashion accessory. For others, sunglasses tend to be primarily associated with summer, as with warmer weather often comes brighter sunshine. Although seen as a fashion item, sunglasses are nevertheless a vital asset during summer. Not only do many sunglasses provide protection for your eyes from UV rays, they also reduce glare, help you to see clearer and make you feel cooler in many more ways. Prices range largely and many brands exist, but it is always vital to make sure the lenses have UV protection.

We all have our tried and tested summer accessory list. Items that we simply can’t live without. If yours aren’t on this list, then let us know below:

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