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Taking adult children on holiday: A survival guide

Summary: With 14 per cent of parents paying for their adult children to holiday with them, how can you prevent the trip from descending into a nightmare?

As much as you all love each other, holidays that involve parents and their adult children can be challenging.

New research from car hire firm Auto Europe found that 14 per cent of parents still pay for their kids to holiday with them even when they’re over the age of 18.


It’s great that so many families feel they can enjoy a week away together, but spending so much time together in close proximity with nowhere to escape to means that arguments can be just a heartbeat away.

So, how can you make sure everyone has a holiday to remember without any big bust-ups? Here’s our top tips.

Preventing arguments

If it does seem like a disagreement is about to arise, then it’s important to take control of the situation to prevent the day from being ruined.

Make sure you stay calm, don’t raise your voice and suggest the people involved in the argument spend a few minutes on their own or go for a brief walk to calm down and diffuse the situation.

Arrange an activity for you all to do together afterwards to help you forget about the debate and turn the day around so that the holiday is only remembered in a positive light.

Don’t spend too much time in each other’s pockets

One of the best ways to avoid an argument is to make sure you give each other enough space and don’t spend too much time in each other’s pockets. You don’t want to end up resenting each other or falling out long-term, and neither party will want to be forced to visit a museum or spend the day on the beach if that isn’t what they want from the holiday.

Feel free to leave the kids to explore on their own and enjoy some quality time with your partner doing what you want to do – after all, you’re on holiday too. Auto Europe’s research showed that parents give their adult children an average of £165 spending money per trip, so you could use this as a guide for what to leave yours with.

Friends Dinner Fun

Then, you could all meet up in the evenings to enjoy the local cuisine and a few drinks together to catch up about what you’ve been up to, and perhaps pass on ideas for where the other party might like to go the following day.

Throwback to the past

Although lots of parents still like to holiday with their kids into adulthood, these trips won’t last forever, with Auto Europe’s survey finding that the tables are turned and children begin to pay for holidays for their mums and dads by the time they reach their late 20s.

You might only have a few more opportunities to holiday together, so why not revisit the past and spend some time enjoying the activities you did together when they were younger?

Get out the games you used to play together to amuse you during the evenings or if the weather turns bad, and revisit old favourite attractions. It’s likely that you’ll have forgotten how much fun you used to have together or how much you liked a particular place, so this is a great way to enjoy old memories while creating new ones.

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