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The best places to visit in 2013

If you plan your holidays for 2013, perhaps the below list will be inspirational. The New York Times has recently published the list of 46 places worth visiting this year. The rank opens Rio de Janeiro, where the Summer Olympics Games will take place in 2014. Second comes Marseille as European Capital of Culture of 2013. The third, and our favourite, is Nicaragua listed for eco lodgins and cuisine.

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And the list (first 20):
The 46 Places to Go in 2013
by The New York Times

1. Rio de Janeiro
2. Marseille
3. Nicaragua
4. Accra, Ghana

Car hire in Nicaragua

5. Bhutan
6. Amsterdam
7. Houston
8. Rossland, British Columbia
9. New Dehli
10. Istanbul



11. Singapore                                                                    16. The Big Island, Hawaii
12. Montenegro                                                                 17. Philippines
13. White Salmon River, Wash.                                     18. Vernazza, Italy
14. Hvar, Croatia                                                               19. The Kimberley, Australia
15. Mongolia                                                                      20. Ningxia, China


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