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The World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Part Two

For all the thrill-seekers out there we’ve put together a second instalment of dangerous drives around the world just for you! Once again, we wouldn’t recommend attempting any of these hazardous drives in a hire car, but read on to find out more about the world’s most perilous roads and get that heart pumping!


Atlanic Road, Norway

This roller-coaster of a road is one of the most scenic roads in the world and located on the Norwegian coastline. If driven during favourable conditions, it is certainly a sight to behold! Curvy dips, breathtaking views and a collection of eight bridges join to create an unforgettable drive. It is included on this list as it is extremely dangerous to drive during unpredictable conditions. Blizzards, snowstorms and high-winds can make this road extremely difficult to drive on.


Furka Pass, Switzerland

Famous for the Aston DB5 and Ford Mustang car chase in the James Bond film, Goldfinger, this high mountain pass is one of the world’s most famous. Located nearly 8,000 feet above sea-level in the Swiss Alps, this serpentine road bears many dizzy hairpin bends and winds steeply down the mountain. Although the road is well-maintained, it is closed during winter due to the difficult terrain.



James Dalton Highway, Alaska

This wintry highway is located in Alaska and trails on for an impressive 414 miles. During winter, temperatures average minus sixty degrees Celsius, which makes it dangerous due to the sheer fact that any problems could leave you stranded alone in the freezing wilderness! Pockmarked with holes and often stung by strong icy winds, this road is not only risky but also one of the most beautiful tundras to drive across.


Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt

Although safer these days, this once death-trap of a road, which links the city of Luxor and Hurghada in Egypt, is one of the last places on earth that you’d want to cruise along during the night. It is notorious for high-levels of fatalities and head-on collisions due to drivers not turning their headlights on to avoid being seen by bandits and terrorists along the road. Road rules also do not exist on this road so drivers must be extra cautious.


Canning Stock Route, Australia

Although Canning Stock Route may not be the most dangerous in terms of traffic or accidents, it may be the most remote road in the world. Measuring over 1,150 miles, at least three weeks, a very sturdy 4WD and an excellent knowledge of how to fix a broken-down car is needed before ascending on this lonely journey. Only a few aboriginal communities are located along the desert horizon, so plenty of food, water and petrol is needed for rev-heads brave enough to attempt this unbeaten track.


Here at Auto Europe, we personally prefer to stick to the straight and narrow. If you’re looking to remain safe and have the freedom to go at your own pace on your next holiday, visit our website or call 0800 358 1229 to find car or campervan hire at over 20,000 other destinations around the world.


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