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Top 5 Travel Apps for 2014

As packing your smartphone for your next trip has become as indispensable as your passport for most of today’s travellers, we have brought together this Top 5 list of apps that every tech-savvy globetrotter should have. From live info on parking to incredibly accurate weather maps and a tipping calculator, these apps will make your travels in 2014 the most stress-free ones yet!

1. AA Parking

Parking can be difficult enough to find in your home town, let alone when you are driving in a new city. This nifty app gives you parking information on all free and paid car parks throughout the UK and Ireland, including real-time information on available parking spaces, opening hours, and prices. You can search for nearby parking by giving an address or with your current location.

Available for iPhone, Android, Nokia, and Windows Phones.

2. WeatherPro

Knowing what the weather will be like in your destination, and being prepared, can make or break a vacation. WeatherPro has a vast array of different weather information, including wind direction and speed for those wishing to go surfing or sailing, relative humidity to remind you to bring along that extra bottle of water, and sunrise and sunset times to allow you to catch the perfect mood lighting by the beach. Importantly, the app also provides warning levels for extreme weather conditions.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Phones.

3. TravelSafe Pro

This app is truly a no-brainer. The first step to having a relaxing holiday is knowing what to do if things do not go according to plan. This app gives you access to local emergency numbers, including police, fire, and medical services, as well as contact details for embassies. Knowing that you have this vital information in your pocket will allow you to find peace of mind in your new surroundings.

Available for Android.

4. Tipulator

Few things are more irritating than the group maths session that often follows a lovely dinner with your friends. How much should you tip and how to split the bill? Things only become more difficult if you are travelling in another country, where tipping culture differs from what you are used to. Tipulator makes all this hassle disappear, as it provides a calculator for finding out the appropriate tip percentage, how much this makes for your bill, and even helps with splitting the bill.

Available for iPhone.

5. Wi-Fi Finder

As roaming costs remain ludicrously high, being able to find a Wi-Fi hotspot has become an all-important quest. Fortunately, using Wi-Fi Finder, you can search for Wi-Fi worldwide, and filter your search results according to the type of location (such as hotel or cafe), or type of provider. Additionally, the app works online and offline!

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

We hope these apps make your travels 2014 even more relaxing and enjoyable!

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  2. Retail Motors says:

    Really..they would be awesome app..i am using some of the apps on my iOS device. Thanks btw for sharing such a nice post with us.

  3. Jaques says:

    Great list Tyyne!! Tipulator is one of the best travel apps for iPhone and iPad that can help you to plan your trips, book flights , car and hotels and manage all types of travel related tasks. Very useful app that comes with lots of useful options and lets you manage all of your traveling related works.

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