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£2K budget holiday in Dunedin NZ

How far in the world can you travel with a £2K budget?

A study done by Auto Europe in 2017 revealed that British women, in general, have approximately £2,768 in savings that they choose to keep in secret from their partners. Data also suggests that men save almost double this amount and also don’t disclose it to their counterparts. If they wish to spend this money by themselves, we have the perfect idea. Considering that almost 30% of Brits save money to afford holidays, we decided to research how far in the world can a £2K budget take a girl. Men can also read our suggestion is this blog post.

Departing from London, here’s how far you can go on a £2K budget: Dunedin, New Zealand. And that’s because Dunedin is the furthest place on Earth from London, amounting to 11,856 miles.

For as little as £960, you can book a round trip from London to Dunedin, known as the Edinburgh of New Zealand. Dunedin is a region of unique landscapes, perfect for riding bikes and spotting rare wildlife. You will come across albatrosses, lizards, kiwis, penguins, fur seals, sea lions and so much more. For a great tan, head to Brighton Beach, or the popular surf beaches of St. Aramoana, Murdering Bay and Karitane. Visit the Otago Settlers Museum and enjoy soaking up the fascinating cultural history of the city, inspired by Edwardian and Victorian architecture and jam-packed with street art.

Make sure to dedicate one afternoon to go window shopping at the boutiques on upper George Street, or vintage stores on Lower Stuart Street. There, you will also find exquisite cuisine, and loads of local and international options. If you are feeling not-so-healthy, just £11 of your £2K budget will get you a delicious tour at Cadbury World, where you are welcomed to enjoy free samples of their finest chocolates. And £6 is all you need to visit the exquisite Chinese Garden, for Instagram-worthy pictures. Indulge in a blissful pampering at Erban SPA, for as little as £100 packages, before experiencing Dunedin’s nightlife. The entertainment district of Octagon houses a bar scene worthy of several visits due to its specialty cocktails and pubs with live music. Don’t worry; Dunedin is also a safe city for solo female travellers.

£2K budget travel around NZFor experienced money savers, there will be no problems increasing the value for money on this travel adventure. And instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of costs for a week in NZ, let’s end this blog with some pro tips for saving money whilst traveling in this region:

    • Travel off season
    • Opt for Airbnb and hostels
    • Go on holidays with friends (and split the costs)
    • Rent a car to travel to nearby cities
    • Or go straight for the motor home rental
    • Browse for local discounts in websites such as Bookme
    • Bring travel adapters and power strips
    • Cook your meals and save extra food for
    • Opt for brand store products (the cheapest supermarket chain is Pak’n’Save)
    • Buy produce that is on season
    • Taste free samples at the local farmer’s market every weekend, near the railway station
    • Take advantage of free touring guides
    • Go hiking on Tunnel Beach
    • Look for places that offer free Wi-Fi
    • Avoid tourist traps

And, of course, count on our team at Auto Europe to offer the best prices. A premium car hire service doesn’t have to be expensive!

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