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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: Auto Europe Competition

Valentine’s Day, a time for flowers, chocolates, gifts and expressing your feelings towards people you love. But how did Valentine’s Day actually come about and what do people in fact think about it?


Valentine’s Day: What’s the legend?

Valentine’s Day is internationally celebrated annually on the 14th February. Legend has it that Valentine was a priest who lived during the time of Roman Emperor Claudius II. Believing that unmarried men made better soldiers, Claudius II made it illegal for young men to marry. Valentine however, didn’t agree and continued to conduct marriages secretly.

Once the emperor found out, Valentine was sentenced to death. During his time in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with the guard’s daughter and before his death, he wrote a letter and signed it “From your Valentine” – an expression that is still commonly used during Valentine’s Days till this day.


Valentine’s Day: The Facebook Competition

This year we decided to make Valentine’s Day that extra special by offering a chance to win a £25 Amazon Voucher. To enter our Facebook competition, we wanted you to share your perfect Valentine’s Day plan, your best or worst memory or whether you liked or hated this day.


Our competition has now sadly come to an end but you can read all our received comments here:
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Valentine’s Day: What people think?

We’ve received many comments to our recent Valentine’s Day Competition, which the team at Auto Europe has thoroughly enjoyed reading. There were some funny, serious and sad experiences, but overall we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is a special moment during our year.

Take Lexy Law who left the rather amusing comment:  “We had (pre kids) a £50 budget for Valentine’s Day presents, I spent ages choosing something I know my husband would love. He knows I love chocolate so I came down on Valentine’s morning to 50 £1 Easter eggs!” Others didn’t fare so well during Valentine’s commenting “I got dumped by text last year on Valentines” said Laura Beale.  We do hope that this year it went better.

Angela Merritt was also very happy to finally get to watch what she wanted on TV, commenting “This year hubby went out and I got to watch what I want on TV! It was the best!” A situation many of us can sympathise with!

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day can often bring on magical moments, such as “My granddaughter was born on Valentine’s day 2017. Best Valentine’s day ever!” commented Gillian Taylor, and “Best Valentine’s Day was 13 years ago in 2005, when hubby got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him. Best Valentine’s Day ever!” said Trudee Hartley.

With so many great comments, stories and memories, we feel very humbled that you decided to share these with us – but unfortunately, there can only be two lucky winners.


Valentine’s Day: And the winners are…


Gemma Hewson

With comment:

“I don’t get anything for Valentine’s – no roses, no chocs, nothing. My birthday is VERY close to Valentine’s day so that’s mostly why I miss out, and the fact hubby thinks it’s all a bit insincere. But to be completely honest, he IS very romantic and thoughtful, all the time, and he does so much for me, so I know he loves me. Bah…who needs roses anyway!!”

Claire Jackson

With comment:

“Last year was my best valentines, I got in from work and the kitchen was full of candles and love music was on, and he was cooking us a meal, after I had dinner he said go have a bath, and again there was candles everywhere in the bathroom. Amazing xx”


Huge congratulations from the Auto Europe Team and thanks for taking part.




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